Message from CEO


President and CEOToyoshi Kondo

We at Tatsumi Ryoki have been providing “safety, reliable, and low-cost” dry load banks for emergency power generation facilities for over half a century now. Our products are used not only in Japan, but also in foreign countries now. In recent years, our dry load test apparatuses have been installed as fixed facilities for regular testing of government of infrastructure facilities and computing centers, airports, power plants, etc.

Tatsumi Ryoki that will celebrate our 55th year since founding and our 45th year since establishment at 2019’s, as a “pioneer of load testing”, has the goal to constantly improve the quality of test equipment and the skills of our testers. We focus on education, and will continue to push forward in research and development of devices.
In addition, based on the know-how we have accumulated, we have also been contributing actively to the Japan Energy Safety Association (JESA), which is an organization to certify technical standards for test equipment and technical staff development. (This organization was originally founded in April 2004 as the Japan In-house Power Generation Safety Association)

Tatsumi Ryoki’s Dry load banks are certified products passing the technical standards of JESA. We will continue our day-to-day research, development, and technological innovation, and are committed to technician education. Under the motto of “honesty, sincerity, and good faith,” we will continue to strive to be your choice for these needs, and to contribute to a bright society where all people on earth can work hard with confidence toward the future.


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