Management policy

  • 1: To provide products and services which recieve high ratings from customers, answer cutomer needs, with excellent technology and rapid response.
  • 2: To recognize the importance of satisfying both customer and legal/regulatory requirements, and ensure thorough compliance.
  • 3: To grow ourselves always, and to engage in contiunous improvment of the effectiveness of quality management systems.
  • 4: To put forward regional coexistence as our corporate mission, and as a centerpiece, conduct activities to prevent disasters and foster community preparedness for disasters.

Environmental policy

Basic principles

We recognize that protection of the global environment is an important issue to all of humanity, and considers the environment in all aspects of its corporate activities.

Course of action

  • 1: By conducting rational production and providing high quality products and services while considering the global environment, we will address the following priority items:
    • (1) To ensure proper pre-shipment inspections, and to not ship defective products to the market.
    • (2) To ensure poper pre-service inspections, and to to provide high quality service.
    • (3) To communicate with customers, and to make every effort to fully understand the customer’s requests.
    • (4) To communicate well between departments, and to ensure company-wide awareness of the customer’s request.
  • 2: To accurately grasp the impact by our business activities to the global environment, and to strive for prevention of pollution and continuous improvement of the environment.
  • 3: To fully comply with environmental laws and regulations, and to comply with other requirements to which we have agreed.
  • 4: This environmental policy will be published both within and outside the company by posting on the company website.
Enactment date: June 30, 2016

President and CEOToyoshi Kondo


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